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In the new world scenario, recovery of flare gases, vapors, and pernicious contaminant such as CO2 is of high importance due to prevent Global Warming and reduce greenhouses effects. NOOYAN is fully committed in recovery projects and it is one of the pioneer companies in Iran's Flare Gas Recovery and Vapor (Steam) Recovery Units.

NOOYAN's potential in research and development, design and engineering of flare gas recovery, steam recovery and CO2 capturing will not only fulfill the client's needs, but also make significant contribution in greenhouse emission reduction. NOOYAN's Recovery Packages are:

As a Procurement Solution Provider, NOOYAN’s organization provides clients with global procurement resources, processes, systems, market knowledge to maximize return on investment. We have made mutual ties with reputable and high-tech manufacturers as their local partner and representative to meet client’s needs with industry-leading technologies. NOOYAN’s offers full range of its partner products that are but not limited to:

NOOYAN was established with the indomitable purpose to provide full range of various on-skid process packages in oil and gas both off-shore and on-shore projects, petrochemical projects as well as power plants and waste water treatment industries. NOOYAN has established a close cooperation with technology leaders in this field to fully cover the customers' demands.