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About Us

We, NOOYAN Energy Solution Engineering Company are a Design and supply Company focusing on oil, gas, petrochemicals, power plants, steel, waste water treatment industries. Core of company are a team of outstanding professional engineers with broaden experience in EPC projects of oil and gas industry. Focusing deeply on process package and rotary equipment and covering Iran relevant market demands, NOOYAN was established in 2014 to sail a higher level of quality and proficiency in our area of business.

NOOYAN was established with the indomitable purpose to provide full range of various rotary and on-skid process packages in oil and gas both off-shore and on-shore projects, petrochemical projects as well as power plants and waste water treatment industries.

NOOYAN may provide troubleshooting, rehabilitation and optimization of on-skid packages and process operating and control as well.

NOOYAN want to be the first choice for our clients, in the worldwide oil and gas industry. We will achieve this by utilizing our know-how and core values with our strongest solution-oriented approach.

NOOYAN have a team of outstanding professional engineers and technical staffs, who design, fabricate and install packages and equipment, whether the client requirement is standard or new technology, various types of materials, with a variety of complex specifications and details.

NOOYAN also have close Relationships and Co-operations with International and World Class Companies and make necessary Partnership for special and technically Complex Projects.

Quality Assurance is part of the NOOYAN quality management system focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled and is aimed at the predicting and preventing the error before its occurrence and covers the overall package. It's a set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process will meet its objectives and it ensures that the right process or step is followed by the right people. This is in turn builds quality into the process, product and people involved.

It can be carried out at the point of production, completion or inspection by client and It's used to identify and control the defects in products or process both present and in the future. Quality assurance defines the quality policy and in turn, how to follow the policies in better way to avoid any issues/defects thus saving time effort and money in the production of product but also providing the customer with exactly what they require.

It is of NOOYAN main priority to ensure safety and health of our people and environment. We are committed to the achievement of a safe, healthy, injury free and environmentally sound business.

People and the environment are our utmost concern. We deliver excellence with passion through our people and partners. We champion a positive HSE culture by undertaking all activities that result in providing a safe and healthy working environment.